Why do I need MEP Design for my projects?

Imagine building a major project without planning all the mechanical electrical, plumbing aspects of the building. It will lead to total chaos and confusion. The project will get stalled and nothing will work. MEP relates to the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing aspects of the building that is planned to be constructed. At Genius Engineering Solutions, based at Kochi, an MEP design will plan and lay out the structure of the MEP systems of a building. A good MEP design will make the building process efficient and take away the confusions. It will optimize the performance of the building and reduce the operating costs associated with it.

At Genius Engineering Solutions, we believe that delivering exceptional MEP design for a project involves sound knowledge of the latest trends in technology development and intense application of mind. When planning of civil construction and MEP design are not done simultaneously and in some cases even after the commencing construction of the installation of plant and machinery, it would lead to mismatch of space in the plant room and electrical substation, improper layout of ducts, lack of maintenance facility, waste of materials and efforts of the labor force and ultimately, loss of time and finances.

Genius Engineering Solutions one of the leading integrated MEP consultants in Kochi,Kerala, we believe MEP system design is an integral part of any project. It has to be preferably done along with the designing of the building. It coordinates with other disciplines of the building including structural and concrete, along with HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), Fire Protection, STP etc.

The MEP Designers work in close coordination with the architects and owners of the building. They will be involved right from the design and construction of the project. This allows the opportunity to integrate with the building’s structure, right from the beginning. A good MEP design can ensure that the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are efficient and of the highest standards.

A good MEP design can help reduce indoor electricity cost by planning for optimum lighting. It can suggest the best equipment to reduce lighting consumption. It can also help utilize natural sunlight for lighting the rooms effectively during the day. The best designs will help reduce the cost of energy used for all the aspects. Plumbing included in the MEP designs will involve fire safety, sewers, drinking water and wastewater management systems. It will be designed to offer the most efficient and cost-effective delivery of water and wastewater through the building. Particularly important will be the sprinkler systems plan throughout the building where it is a necessary requirement for meeting building code requirements.

Another important factor of a good MEP design will be in controlling the buildings automatic functions including the indoor and outdoor lighting, security monitoring systems and fire alarms. These should offer optimal levels of performance to bring about higher comfort and safety to the occupants of the building.

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